Saarbrücken beckons with many sights. Particularly builder Stengel (1694 – 1987), but also architect Hauberrisser (1841 – 1922), characterised the city's appearance, giving Saarbrücken a special look. 

Saarbrücker Schloss

Some of the most remarkable buildings include the city hall of Saarbrücken, the Ludwigskirche, the Stengelbrunnen and the Saarbrücken Palace. The palace is connected to the inner city by the "Old Bridge", one of the state capital's oldest buildings – dating to the 16th century. Interesting things can be discovered outside of the city as well.

The Gothic collegiate church St. Arnual is one of the most important monuments of the South-West-German region. It is situated beautifully at the market in St. Arnual which in turn invites you to a relaxed stay in the little "Village in the city".